Asked Questions

What is the minimum quaniity postcards required per order?

- To get the discounted postage, the post office requires a minimum of 500 postcards with valid addresses.

What is needed to order?

-To place an order, all we need is the Robo-Agent output file in XLSPRINTDATA or CSV format and for you to choose a design from our gallery.

What sizes do we offer?

-We offer printing in either 4x6 or 8.5x5.5.

What do we do?

-We offer postcards and letterswith variable data ( unique data for each customer; name address and quote information). We also do the sorting and mailing of the postcards to recieve a discount postal rate. A lead service is also offered at an additional cost per lead.

How is postage saved?

-By doing the work for the post office, they offer a discount based on the number of postcards sent. This postage work consists of address verification, address normaliztion(CASS Certified), sorting(PAVE), and bundling of the postcards. After this is completed, the postcards are mailed under our permit number.

How do you order?

-To order, you contact us through our email address at sales@agents and let us know how many postcards you are looking to mail and send us your file of client quotes in xlsprintdata format. We will then send you back the quote. In the return invoice, we will attach a link to pay us. When you send the payment, you will also need to send an email with your address data, your Robo-Agent output, and your postcard design.

How do you pay?

- We process credit cards through our provider (Mastercard and Visa)

What are the postal restrictions?

- The post office requires all the cards to be the same size and shape with the layout resrtictions in the links shown below.


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