Management Team

Management Team

Matthew Madden, President/CEO


Presiding over operations, several major enterprise accounts and the financial aspects of the business, Matthew Madden held a position with an Consulting firm for four years before starting his own Chicago-based Fulfillment firm. He is a graduate of Northern illinois University where he received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.



John Edmonds, Manger of Lead fufillment


John Edmonds was appointed Manger of lead fulfillement of Agents Direct Mail on 1 February 2009. John leads a team that is aggressively expanding Agents direct mail's products and services in the area of leads and mailing lists. Between February 2009 and June 2009, John’s team had found a variety of new vendors for our auto lead program. In August of 2009 John had launched our multicar auto lead program. John works closely with customers and partners to ensure that Agents Direct Mail addressing key market needs whether through technology, information or relationships, and he uses this knowledge to establish product vision, manage partner integration opportunities and to educate both marketers and consumers on what is possible with our leads now and in the future.


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